My Journey as a Plant

How would you live if you were exactly what the world needed? Would you be a plant that grows and grows and realizes that it’s too big for its container?


Someone picks you up and puts you on a shelf. You have no choice. You might get put next to plants that you don’t like.

You sit there for days. Every day you get bigger. You are growing but soon your soil becomes depleted. You aren’t growing as much as you could. You need to get onto a new shelf with new friends. You might even need to get out of the greenhouse all together.

One day, you look outside a window in the greenhouse and see a whole world that’s wild and unlimited. There is no roof and you marvel at this strange world. Is it possible to grow up and out and not hit any walls?

You realize that you’ve had enough. You’re sick of playing small. You are tired of the other plants trying to grow over you to keep you stuck. You are tired of feeling hungry all the goddamn time.

With every thought you get bigger and bigger. Your tendrils unfurl. Your roots burst your pot. Soon, the greenhouse breaks, glass flies everywhere, and walls fall down.

You take a breath of fresh air. You quench the drought in your being.

Now that’s the kind of plant I am.

Drawn today, 1/30/20.

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