Declaration To The World: I Will Fight For My Life

Hi. Welcome to my blog. LIFEISMANYTHINGS.

I’m working a Monday-Friday 9-5 job and it sucks. I don’t want to continue sounding like I pity myself – I just wanted to put that out there.

This blog represents me taking action of my life. Doing what I love. I’ve realized that I can’t wait to do what I love – I must do it now. Okay, so you’ve heard it all before… but it’s the truth. I feel like I’m being too passive and letting life take me on a path that is not bad but not great either.

Life is a fight. You have to fight for your life. Otherwise, it will be mediocre. Sure, you’ll have some stories that are truly amazing and you will have known some inspiring people in your life but those will be highlights within a rather steady, unremarkable life. I can only talk for myself here. But I want to fight for my life starting today.

Someone said this (I may be paraphrasing the quote):

Whatever you find yourself doing in your spare time is what you should be doing.

What do I do in my spare time? I.e. when I’m bored at work and when I come home or when I’m on the train?

1. Read poetry/fiction/non-fiction

2. Write

3. Snap photos

4. Listen to the radio online, mostly NPR.

5. Stay on top of current affairs (news, blogs, radio)

6. Listen/read interviews about inspiring people (teachers, mentors, experts).

7. Learn about culture, literature, movies. Go to events related to those things.

8. Exercise (gym, boxing, running, walking).

So why can’t I get a job where I do those things? There is no job out there that includes all those things. And there is no “job” out there for me. I’ve realized this. Jobs are job descriptions and people come along that fulfill the tasks and take on the job. Eventually, the people become the jobs or maybe the jobs become the people. But for me, I want to create my “job”. This blog is my attempt to express my passion in writing.

What is the purpose of doing the things I listed above?

It makes me happy. And in making me happy I can create things and inspire others, and in turn, make others happy. The purpose is enlightenment, connection, inspiration, sparking the imagination.

I will do what I love. This is a declaration to the world.

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